Monday, 11 March 2013

More environment concepts

Here's another quick painting to try and figure out the Buddhist kind of environment. Although i do really like elements of the environment and i think it would be great inside UDK, actually looking what assets i would be making aren't really that interesting.. mostly trees, which is fine but i think i could do much more interesting assets and set pieces with the church idea and create much better portfolio pieces that could stand on thier own aswell as an environment. 
Here's a 3d mock up of the church idea, i like the idea of have large chunky shapes to get the art deco feel across. With this environment i could really make use of modularity as well.. as its something i would like to learn how to do as it would be benificial. I think this environment would also open up the opportunity to add some nice set pieces such as a confessions booth, the altar and religions statues and such... maybe even something a bit different and futuristic like tech god statues and such..have a bit of a twist with religions
I'm not really sure what direction i would like to take it, but definitely keep with the art deco theme and explore some story elements in there. possibly have a coffin at the front and then leaflets and such on the benches with information on.

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