Friday, 15 March 2013

Church Environment Progress

After choosing the concept i wanted to go forward with i began working on the modular pieces that i would use for the environment. Here is a list of the pieces i have so far.

1. Straight wall- This can be repeated to make the length of the room longer, can also be rotated to use on the other side of the building.
2. Corner wall- This can be used for the four corners of the room.
3. Ceiling arch- Will be repeated throughout the buildings ceiling to break the shapes up.
4. Back room- This back room will fit into the archway space, a door can also be placed in the archway space.
5. Archway- This has been split from the wall pieces as it could be used in more than one place and is better as a stand alone asset.
6. Floor walkway- Walkway fits in between the archway and leads from the back room to the door.
7. Floor Tile- This can be repeated and re used to make the room bigger.

After creating the modular assets i needed to test these out inside UDK to test there modularity and if they fit together properly without gaps or problems. I came across a few problems here, such as edges not lining up properly and pivot points that needed moving in order for pieces to snap together correctly. After the tedious process of going through each piece and fixing them up i managed to get them to snap together to form this room. I then thrown together some quick assets to try and get another feel for the scale and what exactly i wanted in the room. Next i need to start actually designing these assets so i can make more interesting design in 3d.

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