Saturday, 16 March 2013

Baking normal Map test

To add extra detail to environments and 3d assets in general Normal maps are used as they almost fake detail that's not actually there on the model but is instead inside the texture.
To do this a high poly model has to be made, in which you can bake down the normal map from this so you can apply it to a low poly model.
As i have not done this before i thought i would test it out on the floor tile for my church environment. I followed a blog post from one of my classmates who has already used this method and works great!

After following this process this is what i came up with.
This is the original floor tile... which is very boring and doesn't really contain any lighting information.
After creating a high poly tile like this but with individual tiles i came up with this..

Here i imported the floor tile into UDK, with the normal map, i then put the normal map into crazy bump to generate a diffuse and specular maps, i then added a quick scratched texture to the specular and this is the result.

There's still lots i want to do with this but  i learnt a lot doing this test. Eventually i would like to add a reflection to the floor tile and make it more glossy looking instead of looking too much like metal.

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