Thursday, 7 March 2013

Environment research continued

I decided to gather more research and think of other ways to get my theme across, i began to look at other religions when i came across Buddhist gardens which are beautiful and full of colour and intricate details.
I then came up with a quick sketch to try and visualise something interesting that could show come kind of story within. I wanted some kind of focal point with the small hut, inside could be a statue to worship and candles scattered around. I also was thinking of having a glass dome over the top of the environment, to contain the environment from the outside world which could be in ruins or destroyed, it kind of gives the viewer a sense that this little environment is kind of like an afterlife, something of beauty and peace. Another idea i had was to add in sci fi parts to the environment such as small drones floating around, that could be used as a source of information for the player and they would also maintain the environment. I am much more happy with this idea, it seems like i could include a lot more story elements and make something a bit different than the usual.

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