Saturday, 9 February 2013

WK 4- Adding gameplay

Creating a start to the level
One main part of the level i new i wanted was the player to arrive to the level on a small boat, almost like there on an adventure or some kind of journey. The level will start with the boat slowly rolling into the harbour as the player can look around and view the city from the water. The player will also notice that there are other boats of the same kind scattered around the harbour with their lanterns extinguished.

 Adding puzzles
Because  i i wanted my level to mainly consist of puzzles so the player is being constantly challenged but there are also parts where the flow changes and the player can explore. To get these puzzle in the game quickly so i can test them and get a better understanding of what i want to do was to simple throw in triggers with logs so i could walk up to triggers in game and i know what i would be doing, without any assets or visuals its hard to show but that can easily be added afterwords. Most of the gameplay is in now i just need to add a few bits here and there but the main content is down.

Adding the main mechanic
The main mechanic to the game is where the player can enter the afterlife and switch back whenever they choose. This way player  can access areas in the level that they couldn't without the power such as broken platforms and ramps. I have also implemented pick ups where the player can replenish their afterlife power, the cube is just a place holder for now, i will create a fountain of some sort once its finished.

Creating multiple endings
Another main part of the level i new i wanted was to create multiple endings, something that the player does playing the game that will effect which ending they get, i also wanted this to tie into my theme of religion and the afterlife. It took a long time throwing back and forth ideas but finally i decided on having spirits dotted around the level that the player can interact with, the player can then choose to free spirit or capture, what ever the player does will decide which door to take and which ending they will receive.