Thursday, 7 March 2013

Environment research

Here is my first mood board for environment ideas, because my theme and religion the first thing that comes to mind would a church or a chapel or something of religion where people would worship. I looked at creating something a bit different like sci fi themes. From this i came up with an idea for a kind of industrial looking small church or chapel, something that looks quite out of the ordinary that would be associated with a church.
Once creating this i wasn't really sure on the idea, it felt quite familiar and nothing interesting so i thought about taking another look for some research to try and improve the idea.
For this concept i looked at a much more cleaner looking environment, not perfect.. but much more grander looking architecture with large windows and bronze/gold metal around, but again using wood to try and show the time period. Inspiration i gathered for this was from another mood board i made looking at art deco churches. These images are a huge inspiration, its something i really like, the large sold shapes and interesting statues.
I'm still wanting to do more research and concepts to try and explore other areas, but also to try and show some kind of story and character to the environment. A church is probably the most simple thought to do with religion and the afterlife so maybe there's something else that i could tie in.

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